1 September 2020 – From John Nash

1 September 2020 – From John Nash

Good evening Reg, So sorry to learn about Brian Ekers who I encountered on numerous occasions I had not realised that he, too, was a ‘Croydon Boy’. In my Am Dram days I also knew Roy Hudd who helped with our Company before going on to a Design and Art College in London and then embarking on his successful professional career. Alas, he also is with us no more.

I particularly enjoyed the Diary entries in your email and chuckled at some of the exploits mentioned therein.

Once again many thanks to you and your team for doing such a good job in keeping the memory of the ‘old firm’ still alive’. The recent report by John Barker and his trip down memory lane was a particularly nostalgic read.

All the best, John

Thank you John, Your kind words are much appreciated, and I have forwarded to ‘the team.’ And to John Barker. By the way, Gavin Turner tells me that he was in IoW recently. Under different circumstances I might suggest that HMSOldies have an Awayday there, but not just yet, perhaps!

Best wishes, Reg.