16 May 2020 – From Les Birch

Dear Reg, Very many thanks and I share all the sadness of George York’s passing with everyone [see Obituaries]. He was always a good colleague and good company and a pity he missed out on the ton. With so many people living to great ages such a milestone remains a target for us all. I often wonder how many of the pre-Norwich mob still remain with us but our numbers must be sadly diminishing all the time.

Glad to say that all is well at this end. I keep in regular touch via FaceTime with Hilary in Harrow, my son in Budapest and my grandson in Manchester – we even had a 4-way chat on Easter Sunday which was great fun. The last time the family was able to visit was mid-February when the main problems were ferocious storms and flooding and fortunately Colin topped up my wine rack and the champagne rack as well. So no danger of death by thirst at the moment.

Brittany Ferries have during the past week cancelled my June Normandy bookings – no surprise there but this year none of the annual pics of the usual ceremonies there. I feel pretty certain too that the annual birthday bash at the golf club at the end of July and the DDay ProAM in October will similarly not be held this year.

With the family so scattered I have the services of a helper provided by the local Council – a useful chap in his mid twenties who does all my shopping and looks after my prescriptions. On-line shopping had become a near impossibility with nearly everyone in quarantine so this service has been wonderful.

We can but hope that eventually we will come out of this dark phase but currently I am not feeling particularly optimistic. Meanwhile my best wishes to you and all involved in keeping the Oldies going.


Hello Les, Excellent to hear from you in fine spirits, albeit centring around the sad loss of George York, and the current situation. I thought that you would have found a way around it all, and good to hear that you are being looked after. Rule Number One: Prevent Dehydration! Too much to hope that we might, once more, manage a face-to-face, in a pub somewhere, but we can dream.

All the very best, Reg.