28 May 2020 – From Roger Nash

In the past, you said you wanted something happy. Well – attached is some happy news – for us anyway.

Roger and Barbara Nash have been married 60 years!

We got married at Bromley Registry Office on the 28th May 1960. We moved to Norwich with the Advance Party and started work at Norvic House on the 22nd May 1967, so have now been in Norwich 53 years.

I was a Print Buyer in Print Procurement Division, and Barbara was a CO Training Officer in Pubns for the last 15 years of her working life.

Here is a photo of us today celebrating our Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

Roger and Barbara

Hello Roger, Now that is good news: thank you for something cheerful during these days of gloom. I have copied to others who may appreciate some sunshine. All the very best to you and to Barbara, who worked in the Supplies Machinery area when I was there (she joined HMSO 28 July 1980: you started 19 October 1964). Uncork the Bubbly! Best wishes, Reg.