29 July 2019 – Sovereign House in the Early Days, from Rory Quinn

A couple of nice reminders of late 1968, just after the dispersal of Supplies Division from Atlantic House to Sovereign House.

Rory worked in the S6 (office machinery) area at the time. Apart from the fresh-faced (and well-dressed) subjects of the photos, it is interesting to see how desk equipment has changed over the years. And I wonder who was the young person in the background, getting on with the work while Don Warman looked fondly down at Ms Cottew? A pity Don is not on the electric at home and may never see this!

Anyway, Rory explains as follows: ‘I have come across this photo taken shortly after we came to Norwich with myself, Don Warman and Liz Fletcher on it. Don is looking clean cut and smart as always, I am wearing the fashionable long hair of the time (well that is my excuse) and Liz is looking delectable as ever. Her daughter took after her I recall.

This other one is of Grant Moore, Don Warman and June Cottew. She only stayed a month for the handover so the photos must have been taken in October 1968. Grant was captain of the bowling team at Eaton Park for some years and his name is listed on the wall in the club house. Don helped when I led a team to clear rubbish and undergrowth near the Black Tower.’

Should anyone unearth similar historic photos, HMSOldies would be very pleased to see them. The more embarrassing the better!