3 Aug 2019 – From Alex Mackie

Reg, I phoned Marjorie [Bannister] planning to visit her, she doesn’t drive now, but she has booked herself in to a Sunrise Home for a rest break. Alas she fell there and broke her hip and is now in Stepping Hill Hospital. I visited her this week and found her quite cheery other than a slight chest infection and awaiting physio for her hip.

I will visit again and send an update.


Hello Alex, Thank you for the news about Marjorie, which I have copied to others. Please pass on our best wishes to her. And best wishes to you too! Reg.

Pat Kennedy adds: Hi Reg and Alex, Thank you for the progress news of Marjorie Bannister. Please pass on my good wishes Alex when you next visit Marjorie. Mention of Marjorie brings back happy memories of the times when we worked in adjoining offices during our years of service in the Broadway, Manchester office in the late 1980s.

You may wish to know that I am keeping fit and well (at age 88) and still cycling each Tuesday and Thursday with my Forty Plus Cycling Club based in St Albans.

Thank you Reg for your excellent HMSOldies – website bulletins.

Best wishes, Pat Kennedy

Hello Pat, Good to hear from you, and thank you for your kind words as regards HMSOldies, which I have passed on to the Team.I have also copied to Brian Ekers and Rod Durkin, who I am sure will be pleased to read that you are still in good working order! Always think of you whenever St Albans is mentioned. Best wishes, Reg.