31 March 2020 – From Richard Nelson

Hello Reg, Using some time to sort old photos, I came across this one. It captures a contingent from Graphic Design enjoying a lunchtime gathering at the Little Ikaria restaurant. Probably a send off for our Greek students, probably in 1996. Left to right: Dennis Greeno, Vicky Tomopoulou, Sunday Anagnostopoulou, Ian Dobson, Adrian Bickers, Richard Addicot and Richard Nelson.

Hello Richard, Good to hear from you, and to see the photo from happier times. We went to that restaurant with the late Alex Moore and his wife Clover around 30 years ago – very good. Must look to see if it is still there, beside what used to be Churchill’s tobacconist (now part of the Arts College) next time I am around Lower Goat Lane.

Best wishes, Reg.