6 January 2021 – From Fred Stubbs 

I wish you and yours a Happy New Year – It should be an improvement on 2020! All grandchildren and great-grandchildren will read about 2020 in their school history books.

I enjoyed looking back on all the photos of yesteryear of HMSO – Jack Palmer’s cartoons are amazing. I can recognise all the ‘choirboys’. He caught each person with a few lines and squiggles. He could have made a living as a cartoonist.

Keep up the good work on the Oldies.

Best wishes, Fred


Thank you Fred. I have copied to Robert, who has been doing all the graft on resurrecting articles from the early days of HMSOldies. As you say, Jack’s cartoons bring back the memories. Speaking of which, I have been watching the Talking Pictures channel mid-evenings, and they unearth lots of films and television series from the 1980s. Forward to the past: the only place to be these days! 

All the very best, and we will do another lunch at The Eagle – one day.